Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pinot Noir or Franken Noir?

I thought I would open the blog with a entertaining and informative clip about the genome, DNA, and some ideas about where the field of genetics will be taking us.  I recommend the whole video, but it is 21 minutes long, so if your time is limited, skip to 13:30 to learn the reason for this post's title. 

I also enjoyed his comparison of the genome to the binary system starting around 04:30.  The building blocks of life can be boiled down to four chemicals, described by the letters A, T, G, & C.  Modern technology, using the binary system, only uses two numbers to describe its code!   4 > 2

The main thing I took from this video though was how scientists can modify the genome of organisms to yield a desired effect.  For example, modifications may allow a plant like pinot noir  to yield more crop, to have longer growing seasons, and to be resistant to disease.  Some fear exists of genetically modified crops, as people are afraid they could be harmful, but most crops we eat today are already modified by humans.  My next post on Gene Cuisine will be on genetically modified plants and the associated fear of these crops!

Go Packers

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