Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2nd Evaluation

Personal blog posts: 15
  • Time spent on my posts: 1-2 hrs each
I'm active in the blogging community that is our classroom by commenting on others blogs.  There's a few blogs I follow closely and try to comment on most every post (Nuclear Option).  I've also responded to every comment on any of my blogs, interacting with classmates comments.  Also, when someone comments on one of mine, I try to return the favor on their blog.

My blog design has been set and perfected.  My posts have included pictures and video links, so as to make them more fun to read and visually stimulating.

I take care with grammar and wording, to make sure that what I'm trying to say is understood properly by the reader.

I've tried to let my voice come through in the blog at times, to make it more personable, and I have a sincere interest in my blog topics. I hope that it is felt through my writing.

My blog post titles are written in such a way that catches the eye of someone scrolling through the blog list.  I also write the body of the posts in a way that encourages discussion, as I really enjoy receiving comments.  I've tried to show how certain genetics topics will have an impact on readers' lives in the future.
I would not say the quality of my posts has gone up since the beginning, as I grasped my blogging "voice" very quickly and will continue on with it.

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